Blue Circle Software

Thinking Ahead

Custom Software Development

If you need to create software, but don't have the in-house expertise or resources, we have the experience to launch your project from the "back of the napkin" to production, or any phase in between.


We can help with any phase of your project

  • Market/feasibility analysis
  • Technical analysis/design/review
  • Team structure/resource allocation
  • DevOps/deployment

And all the other unknowns that happen in software development.

Process Improvement

Make sure your SDLC process is organized to deliver on time and within budget.


We provide training for programming and DevOps technologies, to help with new team member onboarding and internal improvements.

Marc Ramirez

Marc has been an IT professional since 1993. He has been involved in just about every aspect of the software development process including programming, design, architecture, technical leadership, management, project planning, budget forecasting, and sales. He has executed or provided technical leadership for projects from $3k web sites to projects with 100+ developers. As a manager and technical lead, he has demonstrated the vision and capability to lead projects from sketches on a whiteboard all the way to production. However his experience and continuing practice as a developer means that he can communicate with IT employees and understand, predict, and satisfy their needs, making projects go more smoothy, on schedule, and to spec.

Our Team